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Practice Resources

  The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (formerly known as the “Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association”) continues to adapt the content on www.cphm.ca in order to reflect the December 2006 Pharmaceutical Act, implemented January 1, 2014. The documents on the website with “Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association” or “MPhA” have not been updated and may not be consistent with the current legislation. Questions on this content can be directed to the College office.


Orientation to the New Practice Framework Manual
Understanding Drug Schedules
Health Canada Advisories

Ebola Virus Disease:

FIP Ebola Virus Disease: Information for the pharmacy workforce
Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors - Public Health, Ebola

Healthy Canadians - What do health professionals need to know about Ebola?

Canadian Pharmacist's Letter - Ebola Facts

Newsletter and Friday Five articles:

Vaccine Schedules [Originally published in the June 7, 2013, Friday Five]
Prescription and refill expiry [ Originally published in the May 10, 2013, Friday Five]
Disclosure of personal health information [Page 4 of the Spring 2013 Newsletter]
Exercising your professional judgement [ Page 5 of the Spring 2013 Newsletter ]
Proper handling of medication incidents [Page 8 of the Spring 2013 Newsletter]
Forgeries [Page 5 of the Summer 2013 Newsletter]
Preparing for Inspection/Quality Assurance Program [December 2012 Newsletter]

Patient Safety:

Learn to be Safe - Medication Safety: A Guide for Pharmacists
Fall Prevention Pamphlet 
Manitoba has an Apology Act - Learn more about it!
Apology Act
Safety Alert: Risks associated with Ophthalmic Anesthetics

Questions documents:

Frequently Asked Questions: Implementation of the December 2006 Pharmaceutical Act
[Released in the March 28, 2014, Friday Five]
Q & A on the Regulations to the December 2006 Pharmaceutical Act 
FAQ's - Out of Province Prescriptions and Prescribers [Updated and posted February 28, 2014]

WRHA Safe Handling of Hazardous Medication – Reference Documents

Dispensing Chemotherapy for Use in the Home
WRHA & CCMB on Safe Handling Policy
WRHA Hazardous Medication List
Enteral Dosage Forms of Hazardous Medications
Checklist for Clinical Verification of Cancer Drug Prescriptions
Oral Chemotherapy Checklist Feedback Survey