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Registration and Licensure with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba

Pharmacists from Outside of Canada

The following checklist is for international pharmacy graduates who have started the documentation evaluation process with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC), prior to August 20, 2014.

Those who have not completed the document evaluation process with PEBC, prior to August 20, 2014, are required to participate in the Pharmacists Gateway Canada program. For more information on the Gateway, please see Pharmacists from Outside of Canada .

International pharmacy graduates who have started the document evaluation process with PEBC prior to August 20, 2014, and are seeking registration and licensure with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (the College) as their entry to practice in Canada are required to meet the following requirements. To assist, follow the step-by-step application process described below.

Effective July 1, 2015

The College will process a maximum of five applications each month from international pharmacy graduates (IPGs).   Complete applications will be processed in the order they are received.  If your application cannot be processed in the month it was received, the College will email you to confirm the month your application will be processed. 

Your application may be processed earlier if:

  • you have made arrangements with a licensed pharmacist to serve as your preceptor;
  • the preceptor has an available position; and,
  • the preceptor is planning to hire you as a licensed pharmacist to fill a staffing need at the pharmacy once your internship is complete and you are a registered and licensed pharmacist. 

To request earlier consideration of your application under these circumstances only, your preceptor must write a letter to the College stating the pharmacy’s staffing need and how you will help meet that need.  Please address the letter to the registrar and email to brobinson@cphm.ca


Initial Requirements

To be eligible to begin the registration and licensing process with the College, you must first:

  • Successfully complete both the evaluating and qualifying examinations of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) . PEBC qualifying exams must be completed within three years prior to completing registration with the College . You CANNOT start the registration process in Manitoba without completing BOTH the evaluating and qualifying examinations of the PEBC. Visit the PEBC website at www.pebc.ca for additional information on completing the PEBC evaluating and qualifying examinations; and,

  • Provide evidence of language proficiency in either English or French within two years prior to completing registration with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. All results, from an individual, must be from the same type of test and measured at the same time for TOEFL, MELAB and IELTS to be valid. Elements of the CanTEST, speaking and writing, can be tested separately; however, listening and reading must be taken together with writing.

* Note: As per the NAPRA standards, any applicant that qualifies with French fluency will be required to successfully complete their internship within a French speaking community, with a preceptor that is fluent in French. Upon successful completion of registration and licensure with the College, a condition will be placed on their licence that they can only practice in a French speaking community and that any letter of standing sent from the College will include this condition. 

  • Evidence of English language proficiency is demonstrated by successfully meeting the minimum language requirements of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA). Visit the NAPRA website for additional information on the minimum language proficiency requirements.

  • The College may exempt an applicant from the standard language requirement if the applicant can provide a Notarized Copy of his/her transcript of marks from a Canadian Secondary School, where they have completed a minimum of 4 years primarily in English.  As well the applicant must provide a letter to the College with an explanation as to why he/she should be exempt.

  • If an IPG applicant shows marks less than 70% in a Canadian secondary English program class, and attended a foreign non-English speaking university pharmacy program, they may be required to show fluency.


A Document Checklist is now available to assist you in submitting all supporting documentation, along with your application and registration fee, in order to initiate the review process. Once the above two prerequisites are met, you may then complete an Application for Registration . Once completed, submit the application, registration fee, and the supporting documentation listed below: 

  • a notarized* passport size and style photograph (placed on white paper for the Notary to sign and seal). See an example here .

  • a notarized* copy of your birth certificate (if the name on the application is different from the name on the birth certificate, please submit a notarized copy of the name change certificate(s)

  • a copy of your PEBC Qualification Certificate and/or a copy of your letter from the PEBC confirming qualification (the date of this document must be within three years prior to completing registration with the College )

  • documentation of language proficiency:
    • TOEFL, MELAB, and CanTEST results must be mailed directly from the language proficiency assessment centre to the College
    • IELTS results can be submitted by the applicant
  • Note: Documentation of language proficiency must be dated within two years prior to registration with the College
  • a notarized* copy of your Canadian Citizenship, Landed Immigrant Status and/or Work Visa

  • original letter of standing directly from the licensing body from the jurisdiction where you are currently a member or, if not currently a member in any jurisdiction, where you most recently had a membership/licence, or, a certified copy directly from PEBC to the College. If you are enrolled in Pharmacists' Gateway Canada the College will be able to download your letter directly.  (The letter of standing must be dated and signed within 24 months of licensure in Manitoba.) Should you be unable to provide a letter of standing to satisfy this requirement, please provide a signed and notarized affidavit confirming that: (i) you have not worked as a pharmacist since leaving your practice from _________, the country of your last licensure, (ii) confirm you have no history or outstanding matters of discipline or complaint investigation as a Pharmacist, and (iii) why you are unable to provide a current letter of standing from ____________ (indicate licensing body) in ______________ (indicate city and country) for the following reason(s): _________________

  • Criminal Record Check **: An original letter from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or any other Canadian police service, which confirms the check was done using Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and/or based on the National Repository of Criminal Records (of Canada). City of Winnipeg residents can apply online for a Criminal Record Check (also known as a Police Information Check). For more information please see the Winnipeg Police Service Applicant Fact Sheet . The date of this Criminal Record Check  must be within six months prior to commencing the internship described below).
  • A *notarized statement declaring, in Manitoba or anywhere in the world, that:
    i. I am not under suspension or investigation by any health profession regulatory body governing the practice of
    pharmacy in Canada or another country.
    ii. I have not been denied an application to practice as a health care professional.
    iii. I have not been disciplined by another regulatory body responsible for the regulation of pharmacists or
    another health profession.
    iv. I currently have, or previously have had, no conditions placed on my ability to engage in the practice of a
    health profession.
    v. I have not been found civilly liable for professional negligence or malpractice in relation to the practice of a
    health profession.
    vi. I am not currently the subject of proceedings with respect to a criminal offence or an offence under an Act
    regulating the practice of pharmacists or related to the sale of drugs.
    vii. I do not suffer from a physical or mental condition, including an addiction to alcohol or drugs, that may
    interfere with my ability to practice in a safe and effective manner.
    viii. There is nothing in my past conduct that would provide grounds for belief that I will not engage in the
    practice competently and with decency, integrity and honesty and in accordance with the law.

*Must be notarized by a Notary Public within Canada.

**Thereafter, a current, original registry check is required by the College every five years. 

Please do not send in your application without all the supporting documents (except for the Letter of Standing and Language Fluency).


Review and Approval of Documentation 

Once the above requirements in Steps 1 and 2 are met, and all documentation is received by the College, your application and accompanying documents will be reviewed by the Registrar.

Once your documents have been reviewed, and the approval process is complete, you will be asked by the College to provide the name of the pharmacist you would like to become your preceptor. The College will then notify the preceptor to complete to the Preceptor Application , which he/she must then submit to the College for consideration for approval.

You may not start your internship until you have been notified by the College.



Applicants must complete a 600-hour internship in Manitoba with a preceptor approved by the Registrar. For more information about internships, please see Frequently Asked Questions for Interns and Preceptors  and the Internship Manual.

To assist you in finding a suitable pharmacy to do your internship, you may find it helpful to:

Please note that you cannot transfer internship hours spent with one preceptor to another preceptor.  If you decide to change your internship site or preceptor you must first have approval from the Registrar of the College to do so. The new preceptor must also be approved by Council.

Potential preceptors requiring information on the Council approval process, should contact the College office.


Jurisprudence Examination

The jurisprudence examination is written in the College offices. You are eligible to write the examination after you have successfully completed 200 hours of internship and the College has recieved your first evaluation (completed by the preceptor and declared by you, the intern). For further information, please see the College Jurisprudence Examination webpage .


An applicant can proceed to licensure once all requirements, as stated above, are met, licence fee has been paid, confirmation of liability insurance has been provided and the application is reviewed and approved by both the Board of Examiners and the Registrar. Your practising licence will then be processed and issued to you.


If at any time you have questions about the application process or access to your records, please contact Bev Robinson at the College by email at brobinson@cphm.ca .


Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

Internationally educated professionals can access programs for financial support through the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner (OMFC). For information on these programs, please visit the OMFC website and go to " Financial Information for Internationally Educated Professionals " under "Publications".

Pharmacists' Gateway to Canada

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) recently launched a new website called Pharmacists’ Gateway to Canada to introduce international pharmacy graduates to the process for obtaining licensure in a Canadian jurisdiction.
For additional information, please visit: https://www.pharmacistsgatewaycanada.ca/