Safety Improvement in Quality (Safety IQ) is a a standardized continuous quality improvement (CQI) program that will enable pharmacists in Manitoba to further increase patient safety and ensure better patient health outcomes.

CQI is a process in which healthcare team members ask themselves, ‘how are we doing?’ and ‘can we do better?’ Put another way, CQI is an approach to patient-safety that recognizes there is always room for improvement. Safety IQ is committed to making a safe system even safer.

While CQI is an ideal approach to patient safety, it requires a large amount of data collection and analysis that can stretch the resources of community pharmacies and offers little to the pharmacy profession if learnings are not widely shared. Safety IQ enables community pharmacies to build CQI programs that benefit the entire pharmacy profession.

Safety IQ Continuous Quality Improvement Cycle

Safety IQ enables community pharmacies to easily report, analyze, share learnings about, and document medication incidents with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP Canada), a specialized, third-party organization. For more information about medication incidents please see our Safety IQ Question and Answer page.

The following graphic summarizes the Safety IQ continuous quality improvement cycle.

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